Jarosa Organic Pure Rosehip Seed Oil Review

Last week I received a (huge) bottle of Jarosa Rosehip Seed Oil to review. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical because I’d never really heard about it and I am a pretty die hard coconut oil user. I did a little research and a bit of eye rolling. Then I used it. This stuff is amazing!!! It is very light and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy at all, I don’t feel like my pores are clogging up with use, and even when using it in my hair it doesn’t weigh it down as much as coconut oil did.

When I first opened it I tried a bit on my arm to test for allergies, after no reaction I went straight to a spot of eczema. No burning sensation and by the next morning it was nearly gone. That same night I put a squirt (just one!) in my hands and used it on my face, focusing on my under eye area. I have horrid dark under eye circles and they were actually lighter by the following morning. I decided before doing my review I would try some in my hair as well. I had done some online reading and found a few tips that said to massage the oil into your scalp and then through your hair anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hrs before a shower so I gave it a try. I’ve done this with coconut oil in the past and it left my hair soft but I had to do a lot of washing to get it out of my hair. I didn’t have that problem with the Jarosa Rosehip Seed Oil at all!! I used my regular amount of shampoo and I was able to completely skip the conditioner. My hair was soft, shiny but not oily looking, and had very few tangles! I should note that my hair comes down to the small of my back and is super fine, I only needed a few pumps of oil to do my scalp and all of my hair. From asking various friends I’ve learned this is also really great for the post partum period, I don’t think I’ll be trying that one out again myself but I do plan on (attempting to remember) using this on my stretch marks and seeing if it helps those as well!

I received this product free for review purposes. No other compensation was given.

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